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Mississippi Judicial College
The University of Mississippi Judicial College

Travel Policies

2023 National Judicial College General Jurisdiction

What you need to know about going to NJC General Jurisdiction.

2023 General Jurisdiction Travel Policies Chart – This chart answers almost all questions about making travel arrangements, meals and reimbursements.   The chart will show the different standards between travel being reimbursed to Chancery & Circuit Judges by the AOC and County Judges being reimbursed by the Mississippi Judicial College/University of Mississippi.

2023 UM Travel Policies for attending General Jurisdiction – These apply mostly to County Judges.

Out-of-State Travel Authorizations for NJC General Jurisdiction

Chancery & Circuit Judges Only
Please attach a copy of the AOC – Trial Judge Fiscal Committee letter approving your attendance at the General Jurisdiction Course.

County Judges Only
To request your individualized interactive 2023 General Jurisdiction Reimbursement Voucher, please contact  This form is for County Judges only



University of Mississippi Travel Policies

Meals – Travel

Lodging – Travel

Private Vehicle

Rental Car

State Contracted Travel Agencies

Travel Authorization – NOTE: this only applies to University employees that are serving as speakers.

Travel Reimbursement – NOTE: this only applies to University employees that are serving as speakers.

W-9 Form – This form is needed by UM Accounting Office in order to be reimbursed for travel expenses.  Please use your HOME address and your INDIVIDUAL Social Security Number.

2022 Mississippi Bar Convention

Chief’s Calls to the Court Summer 2022


Out of State Travel Authorization Forms

Please select only one (1) of these forms:

2022 MS Bar Annual Meeting Only

2022 MS Bar Summer School Only

Both 2022 MS Bar Annual Meeting & Summer School


2022 Bar Convention Travel Guidelines

To request your individualized interactive 2022 Bar Convention Reimbursement Voucher please contact